Ease into Chinese 中文,你好!


作者:Victor Petersen著





ISBN:978-962-04-3660-4 ; 962-04-3660-1

附註:主要內容為英文及簡體中文 中英對照

Ease into Chinese is a short course of 12 chapters for adult beginners who want to learn basic spoken Chinese for business, travel and everyday life in China.

Readers can work through the book on their own or use it with a teacher in a classroom situation.

The course designed is clear and simple with detailed explanations. New words are minimal and the cartoons make it fun to read.

Other features include the use of a pronunciation guide throughout the book, characters so Chinese people can follow along, exercises with answers, optional writing practice and free audio files available for downloading.

Victor Petersen studied Chinese at the Australian National University. He has worked and lived mainly in China since 1991. He currently lives in Shanghai with his wife and two sons where he runs an education company. He has translated five books from Chinese to English that have been published. This is the first book that he has written.

  • Introduction(p.3)
  • Chapter 1 Hello(p.9)
  • Chapter 2 I like(p.35)
  • Chapter 3 Numbers(p.61)
  • Chapter 4 Shopping(p.85)
  • Chapter 5 Travel(p.107)
  • Chapter 6 Food(p.139)
  • Chapter 7 Learning Chinese(p.169)
  • Chapter 8 Time(p.195)
  • Chapter 9 Hotels(p.225)
  • Chapter 10 Work(p.251)
  • Chapter 11 Family(p.277)
  • Chapter 12 Daily life(p.303)